Ghostbusters 2016 Trailer Breakdown

February 14, 2016.  Valentine’s Day.  According to ___ in Ghostbusters 2, it would be the end of the world.  Instead, it was the start of something… big.

After months of waiting to see any footage from the upcoming Ghostbusters movie, we finally received a teaser video.  It wasn’t much, but it gave us something to look forward to – an upcoming date to the full trailer, only 18 days away. That day came and the trailer came…

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Mallrats 2 Casting

Director Kevin Smith has announced his plan this year for doing a sequel to Mallrats.  He even posted a photo of the (now closed) Granite Run Mall where he wants to shoot, which is not too far from me!  I personally don’t need to know the story or plot, I’m already in.  But what I really find impressive is the returning cast members he’s lined up so far.  He must have had everyone take a selfie with two fingers up signifying “Mallrats 2″  Check out the photos below!


It’s been a very exciting month for me, primarily in my mind. As a big movie fan I’ve been enjoying seeing my comic book heroes take on new life in all the amazing Marvel franchises and I’m gearing up for a great year of movies in the theaters including a new Star Wars!!! I’ve also been enjoying some ridiculous comedies such as Hot Tub Time Machine 2 and preparing for one of my favorite shows, Heroes, to be back on TV!   My tastes are vast, obviously.

But the big one that I want, which has been surrounded with rumors for years, is another Ghostbusters movie.  It’s my Great White Buffalo.  But with Bill Murray showing no interest and Harold Ramis dying, it seems to be getting farther and farther away.  There was always new rumors and while the latest ones involved director Paul Feig and interest in Melissa McCarthy as the star, they were still just rumors.

Until January 27.

On January 27 Paul Feig tweeted the cast for the new movie, including 4 very funny women of whom I am big fans of, each in their own right.  Not only that, but the release date was also announced – June 22, 2016.  I read this while at a Philadelphia Flyers game with my son and I couldn’t wait to learn more.  Dan Aykroyd said he was involved as an executive producer (at least).  It was picked up by every movie news (and some regular news) outlet, as they also realized how huge this was.

Now let’s jump ahead a bit.  On March 9 (a day before this was posted), there was a new announcement.  This one was out of the blue!  Sony is planning a sub division called Ghost Corps which will be responsible for a Ghostbusters Cinematic Universe which will include additional movies, involve Ivan Reitman, Channing Tatum, and possibly Chris Pratt!  Wow.

Cloud 9 for me, right?  Almost…

There’s another movie love of mine – Tron.  Having enjoyed and appreciating the effects that were implemented in the original 80s movie, seeing the sequel in 2010 brought tears to my eyes (literally).  Can you see where I’m going with this?  Yup.  It was announced today (March 10) that Tron 3 was been greenlit and will begin shooting in Vancouver, bringing back Joseph Kosinski as director.

Be prepared to read a lot more about these movies here.

Cloud 9 achieved.


Shortly after this post it was also announced that Star Wars Episode VIII will be released in May, 2017 and Star Wars: Rogue One will be in 2016.  Also, Kevin Smith announced that Clerks III will be shot in Philadelphia and he also plans a sequel to Mallrats!

Cloud 10.

Teaser for Heroes Reborn

During the Superbowl on February 1, 2015, NBC showed a teaser for the return of HEROES, now called Heroes Reborn.  I knew there were talks and planning for this but I had no idea that we would see some footage this early! As a huge fan of the original series, I’m very excited.  I used to watch the old series and keep spreadsheets of various information including characters, powers, and more just to try and crack the code.  This is prompting me to revisit the old episodes and prepare myself!  Read more about the teaser at Geek Tyrant and watch the teaser below!

Movies I’m looking forward to in 2015

Here’s my list of movies that I can’t wait to see in 2015.  Some major blockbusters, some comedies, some will probably do horribly at the box office… but I will appreciate them dammit!!!

Beyond the Marquee

So I found a new website, and I think it’s going to be one of my new favorites!

While scrolling through my normal dose of Ghostbusters news via Facebook, I came across a link to an article about Billy Bryan, who was the creator and “actor” who played the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in Ghostbusters.  I commented on the post with a photo of my Philadelphia Ghostbusters when we met Mr. Bryan at a convention.  Then I clicked the link… is a great website all about movies and television shows including news, recaps, trailers, clips, video series, shorts, articles, etc.  This article was just one of five they did for their “Ghostbusters Week”.  Each article tells very different stories about various aspects of the film, giving you video, photos, and a behind-the-scenes look and feel like I haven’t experienced.  I now follow Beyond The Marquee on Facebook to see what else they will have in store for me, but for now, I’m gonna enjoy the Ghostbusters content, and I hope you will too…

Movie Review: Robocop (2014)

I haven’t been able to frequent the movie theater much lately as I’ve been busy home with my kids but when I saw the trailer for the new Robocop I managed to not only get out to see it, but went out on opening night (with an impending snow storm beginning)!

Short Review
The new Robocop movie was great!  Simple, right?  The action was amazing, special effects blew away the original, and it was an overall wild ride.  There was a lot more depth with the story including how Alex Murphy emotionally deals with being Robocop, and the decisions around his fate, but it still delivered the action expected.
Result:  Go see it… in IMAX!

Longer Review
SPOILER ALERT: While I will try not to spoil major plot points, I will be discussing a lot of things that I enjoyed learning while watching, so if you want a similar experience… stop reading!

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The Donation of 10,000 Comics

So… where do I begin?  Let me paint a picture:

It’s the 90′s and I’m a teenager with a wild imagination.  My Aunt works for a magazine distributor and regularly sends us magazines, and sometimes comic books!  I remember my first Spider-Man comic, Amazing Spider-Man #347 with a cover that depicts Spidey’s nemesis, Venom, clutching a skull claiming to have killed Spider-Man.  Little did I know that these two characters would still be with me 2o+ year later.

Time spent with my father included going to the movies, playing ice hockey, and especially collecting comics.  We both had our own interests and we enjoyed visits to different stores and conventions.  Over time we increased our take each Wednesday, when new issues come out.  My father started a checking account for me and that’s how I learned how to write checks… paying for comics!  We collected cards, original artwork, posters, magazines, and more. Read more »

Amazing Ghostbusters artwork!

Sure, that title may not entice everyone because there is so much great artwork of practically EVERYTHING on the internet.  But this is my blog and I think this is amazing! posted artwork by Phil Postman recently.  The illustrations depict everything from the Ghostbusters movies, cartoon, and action figures!  Check out some of the great stuff and see the rest at

R.I.P. Nintendo Power Magazine: 1988-2012


According to ars technica, a magazine that has brought me so much joy and now brings me so many memories, is about to end.  Nintendo Power was a constant companion, not just for help with my NES games, but also to let me know what’s else was out there, and help fuel my imagination.  I an original subscriber with the the first issue from 1988 (I was 9) and I remember how much I loved getting it in the mail!  For you young folks, mail was stuff that came via post office and into a box outside your house.  I still have my original copies of the magazines and they bring back so many memories.  R.I.P.

Nintendo Power Commercial:

Video Editing with Camtasia

Recently I’d been tasked with creating some videos that act as product demos for the web.  Normally I would use Adobe Premiere Elements for something simple like this as it gives me the control I need without the overkill necessary for broadcast HD quality.  But a colleague turned me on to the video editing software Camtasia by TechSmith.  This was because of it’s unique screen capture ability and post-effects.  Camtasia allows you to record your screen and a quality that actually seems to be better than what you see.  Why is this important?  Well, some of the genius features you need when showing product demonstrations is the ability to ZOOM in to sections of the screen for better visibility of what you are doing or showing the audience.  Camtasia’s editing capabilities allow you to easily setup sections on your timeline to animate zooms and moves far easier that the separate timeline approach by Premiere.

My simple examples of this capability can be seen here.

But my next project involved a lot more movement and “flair” to keep the audience’s attention.  The software we were demonstrating, while incredibly sophisticated and useful for our clients, is not the most interesting visually.  I needed to relay heavily on graphics and word-play to make this a fun video.  So I again turned to Camtasia as opposed to Premiere.  Why, you ask?  Well, I knew that I would have a lot of animation and movement of my graphics, and Camtasia makes it so easy to set this up and edit.  (Hard to believe but TechSmith is not a sponsor of this site.  Maybe they should be…)  Anyway my task was clear so I will share my final work as well as the procedure taken that made this happen: Read more »

Best of Gangnam Style!

The Original:

On Saturday Night Live

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Visual Effects: “That Looks Fake… SO WHAT!?”

When I graduated high school (1996), I was very much into computers and learning what they could do to improve things such as movies.  As a big fan of science fiction and special effects blockbusters, I contemplated the idea of actually trying to get into the field of visual/digital effects.  I collected books and publications about visual and special effects, listings of professionals in the field, and video tutorials.  My girlfriend at the time was very supportive and even found an awesome new college in San Francisco called Impression which taught an intense digital effects program.  Unfortunately I did not have the means to move out there, live on my own, all while not working because the program was so intense.

Thank god.

As I’ve gotten older my love of special and digital effects in TV and movies has continued to grow, but my attitude toward the field has drastically changed.  With the little bit of knowledge I have about how things are done, and the detail and work that is involved, I can fully appreciate both the efforts now and the ground-breaking ones from the past.  But I am a minority in my appreciation.

It has become too clear to me that the level of appreciation for digital effects does not match the level of improvement over the years.  With the continuing advancement of computers, visual effects have directly been affected and the evidence is visually undeniable.  Just like when you purchase a new computer and it seems to be old within months of purchase, so is true in the movie industry.  It almost seems that with each big-budget movie that is released, the bar has been raised in both effort and technology behind visual effects and last year’s movies just aren’t up to par.

But do people notice?  Do they care?  I say no.

Special effects in 80s movies flat out SUCKED, but we appreciated the effort.  We didn’t have much to compare, so I guess everyone just accepted it.  Did we have better imaginations back then?  Maybe.  But seeing all the efforts being made in advancement of visual effects, and the criticism that still is attached, has really frustrated me.  What other field has advanced so much (besides PCs)?  The automotive industry?  Maybe.  But don’t get me started on an industry that spends all it’s time and money on safety features in a car rather than just improving the drivers!  I don’t even think you can make the case with television!  Sure we have HD now, but it’s not like you NEED it, I’m watching a 13″ television in SD right now while writing this.

So for all of you who watch Tron Legacy and criticize the amazing digital effect of having a younger Kevin Flynn head on a character (the impotence of this post), I say SO WHAT?  The fact that they were so intense in making sure the story was true and they took the risk should be good enough!

Ghostbusters Movie Props for Auction

I am a huge fan of movies, especially Ghostbusters (as you should know).  I’ve also recently gotten into following Profiles in History, which is a company that finds movie memorabilia, authenticates it, and auctions it off.  They have a show called Hollywood Treasure on SyFy.  Anyway, following the stories of how they obtain items and what they sell for is just amazing.  They put out a huge catalog every so many months that is used to entice potential buyers to the auctions.  Thankfully the catalogs are available online as well as PDFs.  It’s been a lot of fun to browse through them and see all the great treasures (not that I can afford any of it).

In the latest catalog, I was surprised to find two pages dedicated to Ghostbuters, which included a screen-worn proton pack, ghost trap, Slimer puppet, and artwork.  See pages below (click for larger versions).

Download Catalog PDF (136 MB)

Then, I saw a YouTube video was released from Profiles in History about the Proton Pack!

The Auction is July 30-31.  I’m predicting the proton pack sells for over $30,000!

New Spawn Cover is a Todd McFarlane Classic!

Todd McFarlane, famed comic artist, just released the cover to the upcoming Spawn issue #222.  Any Spider-Man fan should think it looks familiar.  In fact it’s directly taken from Amazing Spider-Man #316 from 1989!

Todd McFarlane was instrumental in bring Venom into popularity in the 80s.  Todd was working on Amazing Spider-Man and though to bring back Spidey’s old black costume that was actually a living organism that wanted to bond with him.  The costume instead bonded with Eddie Brock, who had a hatred for Spider-Man, and became Venom.  Venom became one of Spider-Man deadliest villians and a huge fan-favorite (there’s still talk of a Venom movie).  Venom did briefly appear in Spider-Man 3 but wasn’t really given the proper treatment. Read more »

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