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Ryan’s visit to NJN

Ryan had a visit to “Daddy’s work” on Saturday and was able to explore NJN Public Television with a backstage pass.  First he saw the NJN News desk…


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New Jersey Video

Just a demonstration showing how proud I am of the state that I work in…

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Philadelphia Ghostbusters new website!

phillygblogo-smallsquareEDFX is proud to host the new and improved Philadelphia Ghostbusters website!  The Philly GB are a local group of loyal fans of the Ghostbusters franchise that have joined together with their homemade props, and are available for charity events and parties.  The site also provides news from the leading Ghostbusters resources.  Check them out!

Tron Legacy updates


The new Tron movie will be called Tron Legacy.  A viral campaign has started with a secret video directing you to

Disney had a panel at Comic-Con today and here’s some more info…

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Philly GB in the press!

The Ritz on the Bourne in Philadelphia recently had a midnight viewing of Ghostbusters.  The show was sold out, as many fans were in full costume, including the Philadephia Ghostbusters.  The NJ Star Ledger was there and posted a video recapping the event.

NY Mets’ Gary Sheffield a Ghostbusters Fan?

garyIs Gary Sheffield from the New York Mets a Ghostbusters fan?  Here’s what he told Yahoo Sports’ Big League Stew:  “Meh, not really that much; I think I’m just going to have to be happy with my t-shirt”.  Why would you wear a shirt of something you’re not really a fan of?  It just helps prove the point… Mets suck!  Go Phillies!

80s Art Show in Philly

GhostbustersStarting on Friday, June 5 there will be an 80′s Art Show at Brave New Worlds Comics by The Autumn Society of Philadelphia.  I have to admit I first heard of this because I saw a piece of Ghostbusters artwork, but after checking out the links I see a lot of great 80′s related art that will be displayed.  Dave  Perillo is another artist that will be contributing and his stuff looks amazing!  I may not be there on opening night, but I will definitely be checking it out and will post photos!

Brave New Worlds Comics is located at 45 North 2nd Street in Philadelphia.

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